Sunday, 8 January 2012

Laptop battery :maximize the lifecycle

Laptop battery are made of  lithium and its efficiency tends to diminish over the months or years depending on usage (playing  extensive games , movies etc ). Here are a few general tips and ways one can increase  life-cycle and efficiency a laptop's battery.

Optimize system
1. Reduce display brightness,
2. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth,
3. Eject CDs, DVDs,
4. Disconnect external hard drives
5. For old  laptops having less RAM,  use lightweight apps.

Keep charging
1. While Gaming,  CPU and GPU, hard drive and optical drive are used extensively due to which a battery   can  grain  within 1 to 2 hrs .
2. Ensure that  power supply is plugged in while gaming.

Power management
The Power Options in Control Panel lets you specify when to
1. Dim and turn off display,
2. Activate sleep and hibernate functions.

Discharging  battery to 0% is wrong way
Complete  discharge to zero puts a greater stress on the battery, and is the equivalent of the battery being forced to run a long race. If power source is available , it's best to plug it in and start  charging before  battery drains completely.