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Fix SD Card Not Detecting Error/SD card removed unexpectedly

Many Android users are facing a problem regarding detection of SD card including myself. To fix the SD Card issues (SD card removed unexpectedly), make sure you have latest firmware update installed.
If there is important data on memory card  Backup all the data from SD card to computer.
NOTE    Please note that just in case if you have proceeded to format the card without taking the
               backup then, the data will be erased which cannot be recovered back.

Method I

Format all the data in the “FAT 32” file system and then you need to insert the memory card the smartphone.
The problems are successfully fixed  of the SD Card  "SD card removed unexpectedly"
a) Left click on Removal disk/ Memory card
b) Click on Format
c) Select FAT 32 (Default ) and Click start

 After formatting, the problem  "SD card removed unexpectedly" will be successfully fixed

Method II

Format the memory card only on the device.

  Select > Settings > SD card and phone storage > Unmount SD card > OK > Format SD card >

                                Format SD card > Erase everything.

Possible reasons for "SD card removed unexpectedly" error:
a) Kies starts automatically when phone is connected
2) Kies displays SD card in Windows Explorer
3) Sudden unplugging phone from PC