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Hide picture photo and videos on Android

Every person as personal life which no one wants to reveal to others.A question always comes in mind

How to hide files in Android??

here is the software  "keepSafe", it hides pictures and videos and gives us flexibility who sees what. Gallery remains available to your friends, family, and coworkers but your secret photos and videos remain hidden at the same time.

* Hide Pics & Videos
* Easy-to-use PIN pad access
* Folders
* Un-hide pictures and videos from Safe as you like
* Share pictures from Keep Safe
* Rotate and zoom features
* Multi-select feature for hiding, un-hiding, sharing
* Full-screen viewing
* Slideshow feature
* Disappears from 'recent apps' list

1. Open the gallery

2. Select pictures/videos to hide
3. Press 'share' and select Keep Safe. Done!

Now just close the gallery and re-open it. You will see that it’s moved to Keep Safe.