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How to Increase Download speed on IDM by 20 to 25 % IDM optimizer

How to Increase IDM Download Speed using internet download manager optimizer

Internet Download Manager is no dought one of the best download manager available in the market. It is used by too many internet users worldwide. Internet download manager itself has a very good ability to increase the speed of downloading compared to other download managers.

To increase the speed of downloading in internet download manager even further, there is one excellent application called IDM optimizer which is also called as idm speed booster. If you are using internet download manager then definitely you can use internet download manager optimizer (IDM optimizer) to increase maximum downloading speed.

What is Internet download manager optimizer and how to increase IDM download speed?

The Internet download manager optimizer is lightweight and easy to use IDM speed booster utility software which increases and boosts internet download manager speed by modifying some registry entries of IDM. It will tweak internet download manager to speed up IDM by modifying change connection speed, Connection type, set the maximum number of connection and some other required entries. 

Follow the instructions to know how to install Internet download manager optimizer and Increase IDM Download Speed in idm using IDM Optimizer
  1. Download and install Internet Download Manager 
  2. Download  Internet Download Manager Optimizer (IDM optimizer 2018)
  3. Launch IDM Optimizer
  4. Click on Maximize now (older version of IDM)/ for a new version just click Optimize IDM
  5. After click on maximize, Restart Windows 
  6. After the restart, IDM download speed will increase by 20 to 25 %
Download IDM Optimizer Speed Booster 2017 to Optimize D/L Speed
IDM Optimizer
Boost IDM Download Speed, using IDM Optimizer 2017
Maximum download speed due to the maximum number of connections

IDM Optimizer is a good download speed optimizer which increases downloading speed by connecting the maximum number of connections available to download a file. During my test worked very well and had no issues. IDM optimizer works best in multi-downloading, you will easily notice an increase in download speed. If you have any opinion or suggestion please drop down your comments below on how to Increase IDM Download Speed using internet download manager optimizer