Monday, 13 February 2012

Send addfree, free 470 char. 150/day sms from mobile


To use this service follow these steps:
  1.  Register for an account.
  2. Download Whozzat application mobile phone from Market
  3. Install the application , 
  4. Enter ID password  (tick Remember Me).
  5. Contacts can be useddirectly from your phonebook.

  • Contacts Synchronization
  • 470 character SMS allowed
  • flash sms
  • Group sms or Bulk SMS
  • No ads append in sms
  • Check Delivery Report.
  • Own mobile number as sender id
  • Sms collection to send ,chose from billions of sms with many categories like funny SMS, Wish SMS, Shayary SMS
  • Free SMS to India
  • International SMS at very low price
  • Find friends and add on whozzat
  • Create events with Events features