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Backup apk on memory card and send by a bluetooth

How to Get Apk Files From Mobile ? 

This is the common question which pops up in  android users  mind . A common android user never know where the apk goes after downloading , how to save that apk ,Reuse and share apks via bluetooth to buddies

The best part of  android OS is  that it have large support of  freeware  but the most boring  part is that the application are install directly into the phone. There is no Installation file ie. apk we can see and keep backup.
 This post is written to backup all the apk installation files from the phone

There are many Apps that can are useful for  backing up  of installed apps but  I personally prefer  Astro File Manager (freeware)
Follow the steps :

1. Download and install ASTRO File Manager (download from Market)

2.  Open ASTRO File Manager you will see 5 options. Select Application Backup

3.Now you will get a list of installed apps with a checkbox right to it.
   Check the app you want to backup and click Backup button on Top left of the screen.

4. Now goto /mnt/sdcard/backups/apps using any File manager to get the apk file.

Now as source is know where it is stored and one can reuse and share it with  friends.