Monday, March 19, 2012

Use Android Mobile as a webcam via USB in Windows 10


Android as a webcam via USB

How to use a camera as a webcam?
With the increasing popularity of Android devices, various software is been produced for ultimate user experience. One more such software has joined this league.To the impressive list of software joins USB webcam.  One more feature one can avail using this software is to use android phone as a webcam  via USB  using simple and hassle-free easy steps
  1. Install Samsung Kies, so that all USB drivers required for the phone to get recognized on PC are installed.After installation  see phone is recognized when connected
  2. Install USB webcam (25 kb ) from android market or download by searching 
  3. Download and install the USB Webcam desktop client (6 MB).
  4. Connect your android phone to your computer using the USB cable and wait until the PC recognizes the device
  5. Go to start menu and type "USB",  USB WEBCAM will be displayed, click on it and a DOS window will open which will look as show bellow, keep it open and don't close.  

  6. Now launch android app USB Webcam installed  on your android phone
 7. Launch any program that uses webcam like  Yahoo messenger, Msn, skype etc. and invite friends  to see you 
NOTE: If in windows green screen appears to check out mobile and relaunch USB webcam
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  1. It still comes green even though I relaunched the app.

  2. restart comp open USBWEBCAM but don't close the window and try again

  3. You must set USB Debug mode on!

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