Easy way to Download Facebook videos without any software

Ever wondered How to download videos from Facebook video to my computer? on Android or iOS or Mac? Like most of the Facebook user definitely, you would have thought of downloading video from Facebook without using a software or using a software. By default, Facebook does not provide download option for Facebook videos. However, you can download Facebook videos easily without using a software. There are ample of online websites that can download videos from Facebook online in one click. The only notable thing is that you can download only own Facebook videos or Facebook videos posted by other persons which are set as the public view.
     Among many available websites, fbdown.net is the online facebook video downloader website which you can use to download Facebook videos.

The interface of fbdown.net website is very simple, clean, and also its very easy to download Facebook Videos Without Special Software. Just left click Facebook video, click on show video URL, Copy URL and follow step 2 onwards

Step 1

how to download videos from facebook
Left click the Facebook video, click on show video URL, Copy URL

Step 2

download facebook videos

Step 3

facebook download videos
After clicking Download you will see

Download Video in Normal Quality  

Apart from the website above Facebook Video Downloader Online are 

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