Easy way to Download YouTube video free on Windows and Macintosh

You can download YouTube videos with software and without using a software freely. All YouTube videos are designed to stream only and there is no download option available to save videos on the computer harddisk. However, sometimes it is a need to download some important videos for watching offline. Often when the broadband speed is a limiting factor to watch videos online downloading the video is the best option. There are various ways to download YouTube videos but this is the best and easiest way to free download YouTube videos from YouTube discussed below using  SaveFrom.net

To download Youtube videos there are two simple methods provided by this website SaveFrom.net

1. Download youtube video using a software

This the recommended method for downloading videos suggested on the website. You just have to download a software SFHelper-Setup and complete the simple setup. A web page will pop up asking for installation of a chrome extension TamperMonkey install it and enable this extension for Chrome
After completing all the requirements you will be able to see this download option on the webpage 


2. Download youtube video without downloading any software

If you don't have time to do all this and want to download videos without using any hectic installation procedure here is the simplest way to do it. When you are on the youtube just add "ss" to the link to start the web-based default Youtube downloaded 
Original Link 
To download just add SS
                     https://www.SSyoutube.com/watch?v=1La4QzGeaaQ and enter
The following web page will appear with download option from where one can download various videos as per the required format easily

Savefrom.net Web Interface

This website supports following 25 websites 
1.   endspace.com
2.   youtube.com
3.   break.com
4.   dailymotion.com
5.   vimeo.com
6.   sevenload.com
7.   mail.ru
8.   smotri.com
9.   yandex.video
10. tvigle.ru
11. facebook.com
12. livejournal.com
13. vk.com
14. odnoklassniki.ru
15. soundcloud.com
16. liveinternet.ru
17. veojam.com
18. 1tv.ru
19. rutv.ru
20. ntv.ru
21. vesti.ru
22. mreporter.ru
23. autoplustv.ru
24. russiaru.net
25. a1tv.ru

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