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[Solved] How to Factory reset your Android device

Factory reset your android device using soft reset method is the easiest and simplest way of resetting the Android device. Use this method if you have problems like, phone hang, phone is slow, touchscreen responsiveness problem , app not working or responding, unable to make or receive phone calls, not receiving messages, email issues, audio or video issues, incorrect time or settings, network problems or any other small related issue with your Android device or phone.

The best advantage of soft reset is that data is never lost it is just a minor reset

Note: Ensure you backup all your data before soft reset

Follow the following steps to how to factory reset an android phone

Step 1: Go to Settings of your android phone

Step 2: Go to Backup and Reset

Step 3: Click Reset Device

Step 4: Click Delete All

Clicking Delete All will erase all the data from the Android device and reset android phone to Factory settings

This is the procedure to factory reset android phone. Similar is the procedure to factory reset android tablet.