Monday, 8 October 2012

Find drivers for HP, Dell,Sony

Searching and downloading drivers for branded desktop and laptop is the easy task  as compared to finding desktop driver for assembled. In case of laptops  every company have excellent driver support online which provides all drivers for  your laptop at one place categorized accordingly. For finding drivers  just go to respective website go to support and drivers , click on auto detect and follow instructions or you need to know only the model number of your laptop if model does not appear in auto detection .Usually model number is located at the bottom of the laptop or follow the below instructions to know  model number via cmd
  1. Click on start search "cmd" right click on Run as an administrator
  2. Type wmic csproduct get name to get model name and number of your laptop or PC.
Model number using wmic csproduct get name command in cmd

Other one more simple method is 
  1. Click on START and search  System information 
  2. Click on System Information
Model number by System Information

  1. Go too
  2. Search hp, click on support and drivers
  3. Click Support & Drivers
Click on Support & Drivers

     4. Enter a product name/number and hit search or click START NOW for  automatically find  products and solutions
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 5. After searching Manually click on the product name displayed below and Select your operating system, then click 'Next

  1. Go too
  2. Search dell, Under SUPPORT click on Drivers and downloads

Click on "Automatically detect my Service Tag for me" and a window will pop click "Yes,I Agree"

After clicking  Yes  I agree,  all drivers for respective system will be displayed

  1. Go too
  2. Search and click on Sony Vio website and go to Select Model and select the laptop model

 3. Click on Support, Original Drivers and Applications for ....

4. Click on " I have agreed with the Terms & Conditions, and click on blue icon under download to down respective driver

  1. Go too
  2. Search asus click on ASUS download, following page will be displayed with options Model
                            a. Automatic Detection, 
                            b.Select model manually and 
                            c. Search by product Serial Number 
    3. Select Model Automatic detection  and follow instructions or Select Model Manually if model is  
        know and follow onscreen instruction  and Click on Global when drivers are displayed