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Windows can't connect to this network: 3 easy ways

Internet access is essential for many users, and there have been reports that users are getting “Windows can’t connect to this network error  message in Windows 10 while trying to establish an internet connection and cannot connect to WiFi. This can be a big problem, but there are easy ways to solve Windows 10 can't connect to network error problem. You can try the following easy three ways to get connected to a network
Solution 1: Uninstall Your Network Adapter drivers If you get the error "can’t connect to this network" on Windows 10, it is probably the problem of the wireless adapter drivers, for this issue, it is suggested to uninstall network adapter and allow Windows 10 to reinstall the driver again automatically. To do that, follow these steps:

Press Windows Key + X and choose Device Manager from the list. In device manager go to double click on "Network adapters" and click uninstall on the respective network adapter. If asked  “Delete the driver software…

Facebook video downloader online

Facebook video downloader onlineEver wondered how to save videos from facebook to my computer? or save facebook videos to the phone like  Android or iOS? Like most of the Facebook user definitely, you would have thought of how to download and save videos from facebook. By default, Facebook does not provide save option for Facebook videos. However, you can download and save Facebook videos easily without using a software. There are ample of online websites that can download videos from Facebook online with one click. The only notable thing is that you can download only own Facebook videos or Facebook videos posted by other persons which are set as the public view.

Download Youtube Videos without any Software

Download Youtube Videos without any Software You can download and save YouTube videos with software or save videos off Youtube without any software freely. All YouTube videos are designed to stream only and there is no save option available to save Youtube videos on the PC. However, sometimes it is a need to save some important videos for watching offline. Often when the broadband speed is a limiting factor to watch youtube videos, saving videos to watch offline is the best option. There are various ways to download and save YouTube videos but this is the best and easiest way to download YouTube videos as  discussed below using

To save Youtube videos there are two simple methods provided by this website 1. Download youtube video using a software This is the recommended method for saving videos suggested by the website. You just have to download a software SFHelper-Setup and complete the simple setup. A web page will pop up asking for installation of a chrome …

How to earn money on android in 2018

How to earn money on android  Everyone wish to earn few extra bucks now and then. There are no apps that can make a huge amount of money but from the following online money making app for Android, you can earn a decent amount of real money without any efforts on your android smartphone. Generally, these apps provide a task to you, after completing a task which is very easy you get paid for the task you completed, for example, you can earn money by downloading apps on android. Following are the android apps that give you money.
1. CashPirate-Make & Earn Money CashPirate is an application that transforms points into money. The users have to register and registered users can download and test applications, complete surveys, play web-based games and invite other friends to join. This is the easiest way to earn money on Android. You can increase earning by sharing your CashPirate referral code. If you add my CashPitare referral code  JMOTZW you will directly get 500 points as bonus.