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Best Bitcoin mining 2019 software Windows 10

Bitcoin mining 2019 software Windows 10

What are Bitcoins?

The Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2009 by author Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoins are generated by bitcoin miners. The bitcoin miners use special software to solve math problems, after solving the math problem miners are getting the reward for solving the math problem this reward is in terms of bitcoin.

How to become a bitcoin miner?

To become a bitcoin miner you need a good powerful desktop and GPU. The open source software is used for cryptocurrency mining i.e bitcoin. For desktop users it better to mine bitcoin buy joining mining pools. The mining pools are the collective group of bitcoin miners from around the world who uses their computer power together to mine bitcoins. When you join the mining pool your computer power is added to the mining pool and you receive percentages of bitcoins for the task completed. The large percentage of bitcoins are obtained if your desktop computer is faster and contribute more power to the mining pool. So pool mining is the best to earn bitcoin compared to solo mining.

NiceHash Miner: Best Bitcoin mining 2019 software for Windows 10  

To get bitcoins from your Windows 10 desktop computer you just have to download a free bitcoin mining 2019 application called NiceHash Miner V2. NiceHash Miner is a free bitcoin mining software for windows that allows you to earn bitcoins. This software is available for NVIDIA (nvidia mining / nvidia mining software) and AMD GPUs as showed bellow for windows 10. Using this application you can make money mining bitcoin
Bitcoin mining software for windows 10
You have to download appropriate software depending on what GPU your computer has. Download and setup this bitcoin mining application. So far personally I feel this is the best bitcoin mining desktop pc software to earn bitcoin.

How NiceHash Works?

Merchants or mineworkers can run NiceHash Miner programming or associate their mining equipment (ASICs) or simply normal PCs to NiceHash stratum servers and to the purchaser's request. Their hashing power is sent to the pool that the purchaser has decided for mining. For each substantial offer they submit, they get paid in bitcoins at the cost that is controlled by the current weighted normal and revived every moment. This is altogether done automatically and the procedure does not require any complex specialized/technical skills. This is how NiceHsh Works.

Bitcoin mining software for windows 10

How to use NiceHash miner V2 Bitcoin mining software for bitcoing mining 2019?

First of all, after you finish downloading and installing NiceHash Miner, you need to create NiceHash account to receive payments

  1. Launch NiceHash Miner V2 (best bitcoin mining desktop pc software)
    best bitcoin mining app
  2. Click on WALLET
  3. Click on "Doesn't have a NiceHash account?Create new account"
  4. Enter valid email ID and password
  5. You will receive an email which will contain verification Code and a link to verify your email address. Click on the link or put the verification code. 
  6. Now go back to NiceHash Miner software and enter the same email address in NICEHASH USERNAME (E-MAIL) and click Save. Now your wallet is created and is ready.
  7. Click on Worker, by default worker ID is worker1 leave it as it is and click save.
  8. Click on Configuration and select nearest service location under Service location and go back to application
    NiceHash Miner V2
  9. Click on Hardware details and click on Benchmark all
  10. Select appropriate Algorithm or let the software decide the best Algorithm 
    NiceHash bitcoin miner
  11. Now all is set to mine bitcoins on desktop
  12. How to start bitcoin mining? Just click on Start to generate bitcoin (do not close command prompt windows that are launched with this software
After you start mining bitcoin you can see daily estimated earnings and balance on your account.
daily earning bitcoin
Alternative you can view stats online by clicking view stats online
daily earning bitcoin

This is all how to use NiceHash miner make money mining bitcoin

When does NiceHash payout?

NiceHash has categorized payments schedule according to what wallet you want to use i.e. Nice hash wallet or external wallet. The NiceHash payout to NiceHash wallet once per day only if the unpaid balance is greater than 0.001 BTC. 
For the external wallets, there are two NiceHash payout schedules first one is once per day and the other is Irregular schedule. For once per day schedule unpaid balance should be greater than 0.1 BTC while for irregular schedule unpaid balance should be greater than 0.01 BTC

How to withdraw bitcoin from NiceHash?

Following is the video tutorial explained by NiceHash on how to withdraw bitcoins from NiceHash using Bitcoin address

  1. Please monitor your processor and GPU temperature, if all is ok then continue mining bitcoins
  2. Please first calculate the cost of electricity and if the mining is profitable then continue mining
  3. Bitcoin price is USD is very volatile I will recommend selling Bitcoins when the price of bitcoin shoot up to avoid financial loses.

If you have any query regarding Nicehash Bitcoin mining software in windows drop down your comment below. 


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