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Download Android application (Apk) to your PC

It's so hectic to download one by one application on android mobile and that too connecting mobile to WiFi for internet access.Many users like me may have a broadband connection but don't have wifi to connect internet on mobile due to which one can download software on to the mobile from android market.
but now good news for all android users. One can download apks on to the PC and save them as backup if need in future  
Follow simple steps to get free apks from android market

1. Download "Real APK Leecher">>> enter gmail ID >>> password >>> Device ID
Download Device ID  apk from android market and install on your Android phone. After installing it will display login Email and Android device ID

Best Five Programs to Convert scanned images or Pdf to Text / Word Documents

When you scan any document page, it cannot be edited because you get Image file or Pdf as output. Now, for making changes in it for further use- It has to be re-typed, to avoid and reduce your effort and typing work again, here are some open source freeware application which can convert scanned document images or Pdf to editable text documents (more probably DOC or MS Word file) These softwares are better called as OCR (optical character recognition softwares). This technique is more useful office work which can save time and for other important documents like Project reports, Certificates, etc. where you can get the same format of design and fonts used.
How to extract text from a pdf image? Following are the five ways to extract text from a pdf image 1. Free OCR