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How to earn money on android in 2018

How to earn money on android 

Everyone wish to earn few extra bucks now and then. There are no apps that can make a huge amount of money but from the following online money making app for Android, you can earn a decent amount of real money without any efforts on your android smartphone. Generally, these apps provide a task to you, after completing a task which is very easy you get paid for the task you completed, for example, you can earn money by downloading apps on android. Following are the android apps that give you money.

1. CashPirate-Make & Earn Money

CashPirate is an application that transforms points into money. The users have to register and registered users can download and test applications, complete surveys, play web-based games and invite other friends to join. This is the easiest way to earn money on Android. You can increase earning by sharing your CashPirate referral code. If you add my CashPitare referral code  JMOTZW you will directly get 500 points as bonus.  
Here, in this Cashpirate application, 1000 points correspond to $1, which can be converted to buy items in the Play Store or be transferred to a PayPal account.
In Google Play Store, 1 million people had downloaded this application and have given a rating of 4.5 which means this application is very trustworthy.

Image result for cashpirates
Cashpirate Interface

2. Foap

Foap is an application to earn money by selling photos clicked by you. In this application, the user is allowed to upload photos and enter the information of the photo uploaded. The uploaded photos are then available to the buyers. If the buyer buys the picture you get the money. The money can be redeemed once a minimum limit of $5 is reached.

Image result for Foap
Foap Interface

3. AppCasher

If you have free time and you love to try new applications this application is for you. This application has a simple rule, just download Appcasher and register. One can earn credits for installing and launching applications. The earned credits are then converted into either gift cards which can be used to buy stuff on Amazon or iTunes or you can redeem points in terms of cash via PayPal. One can also earn extra money by sharing a special code (Referal code) to friends when they register for the first time.

Image result for AppCasher
AppCasher Interface
So these are the these are the according to me are the best android apps that give you money without any efforts. If you have better ideas on How to earn money on Android, please drop down your comment below. 


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