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How to Install Microsoft print to Fix Microsoft Print to PDF not Working

How to Install Microsoft print to Fix Microsoft Print to PDF not Working

Microsoft print to PDF is a new amazing feature built-in Windows 10. The Windows 10 users can now print any file to PDF file which makes this Microsoft print to PDF so useful. However, many Windows 10 users are missing Microsoft print to pdf option and are not able to use this powerful function in windows 10. Luckily, there is a solution to restore or add Microsoft print to PDF option. In this article, we will see how to how to install Microsoft print to pdf in windows 10.

Microsoft Print to PDF, not Working, Fix it using following steps

Search "Printer and scanners" in type here to search box on the taskbar
Step 2
Click on "Add a printer or scanner"
It will show "searching for printers and scanners" ignore it 
Step 3
Click on "The printer that I want isn't listed"
Step 4 
Select "Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings"
Step 5
Select "PORTPROMPT:(Local Port)" in use an existing port and click Next
Step 6
In manufacturer select Microsoft and in Printers select Microsoft Print to PDF and click next
Step 7
Select "Replace the current driver"
Step 8 
Give printer name as Microsoft Print to PDF and click next
You will see the message You've successfully added Microsoft Print to PDF
Step 9 
Select "Set as the default printer" and click "Finish" to fix "Microsoft Print to PDF missing"

That's all you have successfully installed Microsoft print to PDF missing drivers in windows 10. After installing drivers you will be able to see Missing Microsoft print to PDF option back in the printer section of Windows 10.
See the video tutorial if you have difficulty following the above steps 

Microsoft Print to PDF: Alternatives and similar software

If you still have a problem and see Microsoft Print to PDF driver missing in Windows 10. You really don't need to install Microsoft print to PDF and spend a lot of time fixing the missing driver. Following are the alternative and similar softwares to convert any document to PDF.


PrimoPDF is one of the best, clean and simple PDF printer, moreover, PrimoPDF is a freeware. With PrimoPDF works as a virtual printer and can create PDF files with just one click. You can turn virtually any kind of file into a 100% industry-standard PDF.
Following are the feature of PrimoPDF
  • Creates the same kind of PDF file every time
  • Has different profiles which include Screen, Print, Prepress, ebook, and Custom
  • Can combine newly created PDF file into one single PDF 
  • You can secure PDF by protecting and encrypting your information with strong password-based PDF security
  • You can add metadata to a PDF file like author, title, subject and other keywords to index ODF files and make them easy to search
  • It allows you to create different versions of PDF file eg. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc

Here are other freeware virtual printers that can be alternative to Microsoft print to PDF and also works with Windows 7 are

  2. PDFCreator 
  3. doPDF
  4. Bullzip PDF printer
  5. CutePDF Writer