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How to Download Google Book as PDF (download google books downloader 2.6)

How to Download Google Book as PDF

Google books introduced by Google has a large database for full-text books and magazines. Google books have access levels, full access, partial access and no access. In full access and partial access level you can read and download google books for free in pdf format. But the question is how to download google books. In this post, we will see various softwares available to download books from google books in windows and Mac OS.

Ways to Download Google books

This software is a freeware that allows you to save google book as PDF that has full access from google books. This software allows you to queue up multiple jobs and converts all of the downloaded books in PNG files. After downloading PNG files to can use this PNG files to form a book in PDF format. The interface of this software is simple and very easy you just need to enter the google book URL and select the output folder where you want to save PNG files after setting up the output folder just click download to download books from google books

Google book downloader 2.6

This software is also a freeware that supports Windows, Android and Mac OS. This software comes in three variants and the interface is very simple and user-friendly

a)       Google Books Downloader (for Windows)

This version for windows allows to download and save google books in three formats viz. PDF, JPEG or PNG format

b)      Google Books Downloader Mac: Google book downloader for Mac

This version for Mac OS has a limitation and allows to download and save google books only in PNG format

c)       Books Downloader: Google book downloader for android

This version allows you to download google books in pdf format only. In this version is easy to search book. You just have to enter Keyword, title or Authors name and click on search book
Google book downloader compared to google book Downloader Lite has more options for windows version. It not only allows you to download and save google books in three formats viz. PDF, JPEG or PNG format but also has an option to select the resolution which ranges from 350 px to 1280 px. Selecting higher resolution always fetch better output format. One can also adjust the size of downloaded google book by changing resolution i.e lower resolution will give output file with less size in megabytes while higher resolution will give output file with increase size in megabytes.

Google Book Downloader

In Google ebook downloader you can view google book online and download parts of the book or download the entire book in the PDF format. The interface is simple and easy to use as a browser. You just have to enter the desired URL and hit enter the book open in the Google ebook downloader browser interface as you scroll through the pages the pages are automatically saved and can be seen in ebook Pages List found. To save all the pages in PDF file you just have to Click on Save PDF file

GreaseMonkey add-on for Firefox

The Grease Monkey add-on is specifically designed for firefox browser. You just have to install Greasemonkey and restart firefox browser and enable Greasemonkey by clicking Greasemonkey icon at the bottom right corner. Install Google book downloader userscript and install script using this GreaseMonkey. Now after finishing this you will be able to see Download button.

These were the four simplest ways and solution for How to Download Google books to PDF format from


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