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How to print to PDF Windows 10

How to Print to PDF Windows 10

In windows 10 there is a built-in virtual printer that enables the user to print Word to PDF (doc/docx to PDF) or save webpage as pdf (HTML to pdf), documents (xls to pdf, ppt to pdf), image to pdf (jpg to pdf), any other format to PDF. As the virtual printer (Microsoft Print to PDF) to convert documents to pdf is built-in in windows 10 there is no third-party software required i.e. pdf converter nor you need to go for online word to pdf converter.
Follow the following steps in Microsoft Windows 10 to print word doc to PDF. 
Step 1. To convert word to PDF i.e. ms word file to PDF, first  Open the Word file
Step 2. Go to File ->Print or use the shortcut key Ctrl+P 
Step 3. Click on Printer and select Microsoft Print to PDF

Step 4. Click on Print and enter File name and click Save to change word to PDF document.

You can also change Settings of the pages like portrait orientation or landscape orientation, page size, set margins or you can also save specific pages you wish to convert word document to PDF. The PDF file obtained from this method is a very high-resolution PDF.
This is the simplest way to print Microsoft Word to PDF offline in Windows 10 using inbuilt Microsoft Print to PDF virtual printer.