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Merge PDF files Offline or PDF merge Online

How to merge pdf files for free 

If you want to merge PDF files offline without spending money or without using online PDF converter, here is best and easiest way to merge pdf free into a single PDF.
The free tool used to merge pdf files into a single PDF offline is PDFBinder. The PDFBinder is licensed as a freeware app for Windows (32 bit and 64 bit) operating system created by Joern Shou-Rode. PDFBinder is a tiny tool and has a simple and clean interface. This software can merge PDF documents in few seconds effectively.

How to merge files offline into one single file (offline method)

Follow the steps to merge pdf files using this free software offline
Step 1: Download and install PDFBinder

Step 2: Launch PDF binder to merge pdfs offlines

Step 3: Drag and drop PDF files/click Add file & to select PDFs to join

Step 4: Click PDF file and click up/ down arrows to set the order of the PDF files you wish to merge.
Step 5: When the desired order is set, click Bind! to start the joining process of multiple PDFs. 
            You will need to give the desired fileName for the final PDF.

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How to merge pdf files into a single PDF (merge PDF online)

There are various websites to merge PDF online into a single PDF. These websites first upload all the documents on their server and then they merge it to form a single PDF file. This method is good if your PDF document size is not large and the document is not very confidential.
Following are the list of websites to merge PDF online free of cost.
  1. ( It supports PDF files of a maximum file size of 50 MB)
  2. (It allows you to join PDFs with maximum files of 50 MB)
  3. (PDFMerge supports files of a file size of 15 MB maximum)


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