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How to Install and Use whatsapp new version 2019

How to Install and use Whatsapp new version 2019

how to use whatsapp on PC

The Whatsapp one of the most popular messaging app for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows devices was up till now available for only mobile devices. Recently, Whatsapp released web client for some time now followed by the release of Whatsapp desktop client (WhatsApp for pc) for Mac and Windows PC.

With the help of WhatsApp web client and WhatsApp desktop client, you can access the Whatsapp from the phone, through the WhatsApp website (WhatsApp web app), and via the WhatsApp desktop app. The WhatsApp web is just an extension of your phone that mirrors the messages and conversations from the mobile device to the desktop. Now you can use and install WhatsApp on Laptop without bluestacks or Youwave android emulator.

How to download and install WhatsApp 2019 version on PC or a laptop?

Follow the following steps to install WhatsApp on Windows 10 PC without bluestacks
  1. Whatsapp download 2019 free download link for PC (Mac) or download WhatsApp for PC (Windows PC) from official WhatsApp website
  2. After downloading, install the WhatsApp desktop client (Whatsapp app)
  3. You will see on the screen the following screenshot

How to use WhatsApp 2019 on PC, desktop or a laptop

  1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone, Android or any other device you are using
  2. On the upper right corner click on: and select WhatsApp Web
  3. On the upper right corner click on +
  4. Now point your phone to the desktop screen to scan the QR code (QR code displayed) on your PC screen
  5. When you focus your mobile's camera on the QR code it will immediately verify and login to your Whatsapp web account you can now use WhatsApp on PC, desktop or laptop
  6. After Login, you can receive messages, send messages, form groups, set new WhatsApp status, send and receive audio, video, images and can also change your profile picture

Advantages of using Whatsapp version 2019 desktop client

  1. Can use the following keyboard shortcuts during chats and notification on new version of WhatsApp 2019 Desktop Client when you are using WhatsApp on computer or laptop
    • Cut — Ctrl+X
    • Copy — Ctrl+C
    • Paste — Ctrl+V
    • Undo — Ctrl+Z
    • Redo — Ctrl+Shift+Z
    • Select all — Ctrl+A
    • Search — Ctrl+F
    • Open Profile and status — Ctrl+P
    • New chat — Ctrl+N
    • Zoom in — Ctrl+Shift+=
    • Zoom out — Ctrl+-
    • Actual size — Ctrl+0 Next chat– Ctrl+Shift+]
    • Delete chat — Ctrl+Backspace
    • Archive chat — Ctrl+E
    • Mute — Ctrl+Shift+M
    • Mark as unread — Ctrl+Shift+U
    • Close — Alt+F4
    • Previous chat — Ctrl+Shift+[
  1. Easy to share a large number of photos and other media from your PC hard disk
  2. Notifications can be sent directly to your desktop
  3. No need for the extra tab on the web browser 
  4. Archive any chat

Disadvantages of Using Whatsapp desktop client

  1. You cannot share location and contact when you use WhatsApp on PC
  2. Although you can view the starred message, there is no option to star a message

  1. Make sure you are connected to WiFi to avoid hefty data usage bill since desktop uses your mobile data to sync messages 
  2. You cannot make a voice call or video call via WhatsApp desktop client
This is all about how to install WhatsApp on PC windows 10 and mac and how to use WhatsApp on PC or laptop. If you have any questions please drop down your comment below.


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