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How to Edit and Convert PDF to Editable Word Document

A PDF file is a type of file that is only viewable and it cannot be edited. The PDF is ideal where the final version of the document does not need any changes. However, if you need to convert pdf to editable word document for any reason, Microsoft Word 2013 or 2016 versions allows you to convert pdf to editable word document easily in windows and MAC.

Follow the procedure to know convert PDF to editable word on mac and windows version of Microsoft office.

How to open pdf in word?

1. Click on File tab, click open    

Edit PDF in Word
2. Open the PDF file you wish to edit

Edit PDF in Word

How to convert and edit PDF Word?

3. A dialog box will appear stating Word will now convert PDF to editable word etc. to confirming whether you want to convert the PDF file into a Word document. Click OK.

Edit PDF in Word

4. Some time another dialog box may appear if the PDF file has content that Word is unable to convert, Just click OK 

5. After clicking OK, Microsoft word will convert PDF to editable word document

Convert pdf to editable word offline

Now you can edit and save the PDF document  
how to edit pdf on mac

6. When you are done making changes in editable PDF, 
     a. Click Save As, 
     b. Give  File Name 
     c. In Save as type, you can select Word Document or PDF 
Edit PDF in Word

7. If you don't need to edit PDF in word then save as PDF or if you want the Word File, select Word Document in Save as type drop-down menu. This is the best way to edit pdf in Word.

This was the simplest procedure to  convert PDF to editable word offline using Microsoft office word 2013 or 2016


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